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Small Business and Investor Tax Returns and BAS

Income Tax Returns:
Individuals, Trusts, Companies
Employer Tax Obligations

Virtual Accountant for
Your Small Business

Maintaining business records – MYOB, XERO
Processing payroll for employees
Financial and Tax Reporting
Meetings and Web Conferencing

Virtual Tax Consultant for
Small Businesses and Investors

New Business registration
Tax effective business structure
Capital Gains Tax planning and advice
Optimising Family Tax Savings

Who we can help

Individuals and Families

You are earning income from employment and investing your savings in the most common asset classes – cash deposits, listed shares, managed investments and residential property. We can help you with annual tax compliance and advice on tax optimisation.

Professional Business

You are an individual or a small group providing consulting or advisory services in Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Medicine, Finance and Law. We can help you with required registrations, choice of appropriate structure and ongoing tax compliance and planning.

Private Investor

You are a high net worth individual or a  family group with multiple investments in different asset classes including cash, listed securities, managed funds, residential and commercial property using different structures including family trusts, corporate beneficiaries, fixed and non-fixed unit trusts. We can  help you with ongoing tax compliance, planning and tax optimisation advice.

About Us

Our mission is to provide simple tax advice and reliable service for small businesses and private investors. We use modern technology and structure your affairs in a way that you spend less time collecting receipts and documents and more time addressing what is important to you  right now and in the future. Virtual Accountant and Tax Advisor is available to you via Web Conferencing tools like Skype if you are located interstate, regional and remote areas or simply cannot attend a meeting in person. The number of clients is limited, so there is time and capacity to focus on quality and timely service.

Virtual Accountant and Virtual Tax Advisor - Q&A

Q: What is different about Virtual Accountant and Virtual Tax Advisor?
A: The way we communicate and exchange information. Virtual Accountant is available to meet and communicate with you online, accessible via your preferred device using instant messaging and web conferencing.

Q: I prefer to meet in person, can I still do this?
A: Yes, you can. We also prefer to meet with you in person whenever possible, especially for the first time to get acquainted and establish a professional relationship.

Q: Is Virtual Accountant available in regional or remote areas of Australia?
A: Yes, you can work with us if you have access to secure and reliable internet connection.

Q: How do I engage a Virtual Accountant?
A: It is the same as offline. After initial consultation you will receive an engagement letter outlining the terms and conditions. Once you return a signed copy we can start working.

Q: I am concerned about the privacy of the online meetings and instant messaging. How secure are they?
A: Virtual Accountant is using most popular and widely available Web Conferencing and instant messaging software like Skype and Google Hangouts. Please review and agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of your preferred software provider before commencing any communication. You may choose to meet in person to maximise the privacy of a particular discussion.

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